Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 9: A picture of the person who has gotten me through the most
Ok, this was hard too. So many people have helped me through so many different times in my life. And since I'm trying not to use duplicate people too much, and I could use my mom and Kelsey and Heather for all of these pictures, I'm trying to expand.
This is my friend Sarah. We met at my very first salon. She was the aesthetician. (Just pretend I spelled that right, ok?)

Sarah is awesome. Whenever I need help, she is full of loving and helpful advice. On my wedding day, she was there first thing in the morning to do my make up and was the only person not family in the sealing room. She came the day of the reception to do my make up again for even more pictures. She fixed my dress, held my Dr. Pepper through pictures, caried my train around, fixed my make up..

The majority of my friends didn't come to my reception. It hurt a little bit. (ok, a lot bit.) and it meant so much to me that Sarah was there for me throughout the entire thing!

Anytime I'm sad, happy, angry, or need advice, I know my Sarah Jo will be there for her Heidi Ho!

PS. Sarah once dated Thayne Jaspseron's brother.. You hot Thayne from So You Think You Can Dance?? and she stayed in Thayne's house. We played one night, and I laid in Thayne's bed. Creepy? Yes. Awesome? YES. Be jealous.

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  1. I so wish I could have been at your reception and especially your sealing.