Friday, February 4, 2011

Think happy thoughts

I know my blog header sucks. I'm working on it. This whole Photoshop thing is new to me.

It's been a long week. And it's going to be an even longer weekend. That consists of:
1. being sick.
2. three roadshow performances. (3 hours long each.)
3. 2 clients on Saturday before roadshow.
4. doing my friends hair for her bridal photos Sunday morning
5. 3 hours of church on Sunday

So here is a list of things that make me happy as of late, in an effort to brighten my night, and yours.

1. Cupcakes. Of course. In particular, Sprinkles cupcakes. Peanut butter chocolate, please!

2. RPM at Fitness Works! (Their spin class.) I pretty much fell in love with it last week, and it's my new goal to go at least 3 times a week. It's super fun, and such a good work out.

3. Kelsey and Heather. My two cousins/sisters/best friends. They're the only people in the world that voluntarily change the song on my ipod in the car thirty seconds before it ends, because they know I never listen to the end of any song. They know to threaten me not to read the last page of a book I decide to read, first. (I do it anyway.) They text me just to say hi, have sleepovers with me when Ryan's out of town, and don't mind that I'm crazy as can be. I love them.

Don't forget to think happy thoughts!

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  1. haha I ALWAYS read the last few pages of books or at least a paragraph toward the end of the book. but only after I've read a few chapters at the beginning so that i can learn about the characters. haha Love you! good luck this weekend, have fun!