Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi, friends. I realize a blog isn't exactly the place to solicit, but just an FYI, I have some items for sale that need to go asap, if anybody needs some furniture..

There's a gigantic couch from Mor, less than a year old and in perfect condition. Originally cost $600... Could probably easily fit 5 people on it. Comes with 4 matching pillows. Super comfy, so you won't feel quite as guilty telling your husband to sleep on the couch when he makes you mad. :) Just joking.

Then there's a beautiful table that I'm in love's really tall, black, and has 4 matching chairs. It's also from Mor, and was $300 originally and is in perfect condition. Less than a year old. Kind of a rectangular shape..

And there's a coffee table from on top, dark black/brown with two side drawers. And you guessed it-it's less than a year old.

I wish I had pictures to put on, but if you're interested, email me and I'll take some to send to you and give you an estimate on what we're asking.

So..yup. That's about it. Sorry for the boring, completely uninspiring post. I'll make it up later.

PS. My email is Don't spam me, or I'll literally Spam you. With Spam. From a can.

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  1. I like your threat, I literally want to Spam someone with spam in a can...So if you get spammed invite me to go spamming with you please!