Friday, May 6, 2011

I know all of you think that you have the best mom in the entire world-but I really do. At least she's the best for me.

My mom is the most kind, selfless person I've ever met. She is truly amazing, and my best friend. Which makes it kinda tragic that we have zero recent pictures together. (besides my wedding, but that's just depressing.)

I could attempt to write a list of all her amazing qualities, but really, it would take days. So here are the few things that have stood out to me lately...

Since my divorce, my mom has been so patient, understanding, and loving. She has never spoken one unkind word about my exhusband or his family, and in fact does just the opposite-she expresses concern and love for him, which is an amazing example to me.

The day that I moved out of the apartment that I shared with Ryan, my mom gave me a book as I left for my new house. It's called "Created For Greater Things" by Jeffrey R. Holland, and is a compilation of inspiring quotes. It brings me so much peace on nights that I feel alone. And that is just how my mom is-always doing thoughtful things for other people. She somehow knows when it is needed, even when it is not expressed to her. I know that she prays for me daily, and I can feel her prayers in my life.

My mom recently became Nana, and spends every night watching precious little Marley-with no complaint at all about any time that it takes away from her own needs.

She was unable to have children after having two ectopic pregnancies, and adopted me and my two siblings. I often tell her that she is the best mom I've ever had. People ask me frequently if I feel the need to find my birth mother, and I can honestly say I don't-because the mom that I have has cared for me since day one. She's held me while I cried, laughed with me when I'm goofy, driven me all around town to find cute clothes when I feel bad about myself, been prompted to offer me assistance when I'm too stubborn to ask. She is my mother, through and through. And I could not be more grateful for her.

Home is where your mom is.


  1. Aww this is so sweet! How lucky you are to have such an awesome mom!!!

  2. anyone who knows your mom loves her. I know I do.