Friday, June 24, 2011

Bahama Rama Mama!

114 degree weather means there will be lots of this for a few months:

Yes, blurry cell phone pictures and cheesy smiles.

I kid, I kid. I'm really referencing the delicious Dr. Pepper Bahama Bucks in my hand, complete with cream, ice cream, and a happy paper umbrella.
(although next time, I'm going with strawberry cheesecake..)

I feel sorry for you poor souls that don't have Bahama Bucks.


  1. You're killing me Heidi. First talk about QT now this.

    but seriously. (;

  2. yummm, i use to go there all the time. can you mail me some please?

    p.s. you freakin' rock

  3. Some of us have to travel long distance to
    Bahama Bucks. We took a long ride from Buckeye to Tempe. (40 min.)

    My favorite is Blue Coconut w/cream.

    I am enjoying your blog.!