Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Week!

Ok, it's not techincally the week of my birthday, but it's in 8 DAYS, people!

Birthdays are my favorite thing about life. I firmly believe that they should be celebrated to the fullest extent. Which is why I took the actual day off of work and am spending the two weekends prior celebrating... :)

This past Saturday, my friend Mallory kicked off the birthday celebrations by taking me out to Pizza Mart, and then taking me to Build A Bear! I've always wanted to go.

His name is Rupert..after Rupert Grint. Duh.

Mallory also bought me the Team Rod shirt I've always wanted from my favorite movie, Hot Rod!

It was a fabulous way to kick off the celebrating.

And honestly, my last two birthdays were the worst EVER. So this one better rock.

{Also, happy birthday to the best sister in law ever-Jolene!}

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