Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seriously, it isn't even my birthday yet and I've had so much fun and been so blessed this weekend!

On Friday, my cousins/best friends Kelsey and Heather came over to give me my gifts. We baked rainbow cupcakes, and watched 3 consecutive hours of The Big Bang Theory. That is a good night in my book, my friends. The girls gave me a super cute cupcake necklace, and a tray to eat in bed that I wanted...Mostly because I love to paint my nails in bed. It's a nightly habit. I figured using that will help me be less likely to spill on my sheets. :)

On Saturday, my group of friends got together for a birthday get together that my awesome friend, Erica, planned. We went on a picture scavenger hunt, swam, watched lots of YouTube videos, ate lots of junk food, cake, and consumed amazing amounts of caffeine. Here are some pictures from our scavenger hunt...(this is just my team..not the whole group)

Today, my family had my Sunday birthday dinner. My brother and sister in law and Marley made me a cute candy bar poster and bought me a wallet that I wanted. Jo also made me a giant cupcake

Maybe 22 won't be so bad after all...

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  1. looks like fun!! :)

    jenna duty