Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Workin on my fitness. (again)

I don't know why, but 22 feels much older than 21.

21 still sounds young to me. It sounds more carefree and fun. 22 just sounds like I need to start growing up or something. And yeah right, like that's going to happen!

But I've been thinking a lot about things I do want to change this year to help me be happier with my life and who I am.

The first and foremost things is the one thing I always say I'm going to work on.

I need to get back to my pre wedding/divorce weight.

I want to feel cute again-and I don't mean my face. Cause come on, I love my face. But it's time to feel good about all of me.

So I got my two year pass to 24 Hour Fitness yesterday. Here's my game plan:
Monday: Kickboxing/Amped Abs at 5:30 pm
Tuesday: Light cardio/weight training
Wednesday: Kickboxing/Amped Abs at 5:30
Thursday: Light cardio/weight training
Friday: Zumba at 4:30 PM
Saturday: Body Pump at 9 AM on days I'm not at the salon
Keep me motivated, people!
Seriously, I want texts, tweets, comments, carrier pigeons...
Whatever you can do to get my butt to the gym.


  1. I'll text you if you text me to remind me to exercise! lol. You're not old and I think this is a great goal, it's mine too. I want to fit in my wedding dress again.

  2. So.... I don't have a carrier pigeon, but maybe I can wrap myself in a bow & curl up in a ball in front of your door with a note on me?

    How is it going by the way??? :D
    I Am totally super proud of you. I am way to effing lazy.. which is why I need a "WORK OUT BUDDY!!!" (small hint) tehehee ;)

    love always...

  3. I wanna be a great blogger... teach me.

    "Help me, I'm poor!"