Thursday, September 22, 2011


I rarely blog about the day to day happenings in my life. So surprise! I'm going to. Right now. 
Meet Erica.

 I first met Erica , on July 4th this year after her husband Brad's sister invited me to come celebrate the day with their group of friends.

I don't know how it happened, but we became really good friends, really quickly.
Maybe it's because she's also been divorced, and let's be honest, I feel a different connection with fellow divorcees. 
Or maybe it's because we're both awesome.
Point is, I've gotten quite close to her and her husband Brad. (And this is unrelated, but they have the cutest kid in the world.)

They planned me an awesome birthday party.
I spend at least one night a week laying on their couch watching movies, drinking Rockstars, and sharing my most recent crazy dating stories.

So when Erica got in a bad accident, totaling her car, and landing in the ICU, two weeks before her birthday, I was very sad.
And when our friend Tanner suggested we throw her a surprise welcome home/get well/birthday party, no wasn't an option.

So...long story not really short, we did. And it was awesome.
Friday night, I colored and cut Erica's hair and we bought her a new dress for her birthday date with Brad...While they were gone, I "babysat."
Ok, I really did baby sit. But mainly, it was just a ploy for them to be gone so that Tanner could come over and "help" decorate while we waited for the friends to come.

She was quite surprised, and all in all, I'd say it was a success. 

I made these awesome smores cupcakes, that  I'm extremely proud of:

And we played a game and spent hours entertaining ourselves. The group is quite good at that.

(This picture was taken at the end of the night after a few people had filtered out. These are pretty much the regulars. Minus the bag of Doritos. He never comes to anything. Party pooper.)

So, that was my Saturday night! I'm so grateful for good friends!

(PS. Shameless bragging-but go check out Erica's blog. She's pretty much the most talented artist I know. The Disney mural she did? freaking amazes me every time. If you need anything painted, she's the person to call.)

The end!


  1. Mmm those cupcakes! That looks like so fun! I feel bad I didn't say Happy Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    PS> I LOVE YOU HEIDI! I am so glad we met & are super cheesy friends dude!
    We need to have some more crazy adventures so you can have some more crazy stories to tell... haha

    But seriously dude, thank you, for everything. You are such a great & awesome friend & I feel lucky to have you in my life & WISHED YOU DIDN'T LIVE IN CANADA!
    Writing about me, that was way cool of you. No one has ever done that before. I definitely feel like taking you to Disney~World now. Just to say thanks. But we'll have to use our imagination because... well, because I live in a cardboard box. Lol, jk. Maybe we can go someday!
    Love you woman! Come over Anytime!

  3. Oh... I found you! I'm glad you were at the BBQ tonight! The more I read your blog, the more I realized that we NEED to be friends!