Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games.. Of Course.

Oh my gosh, 3 posts in one week? This is insane. I don't even know who I am right now.

Anyway, on to the important things. The Hunger Games. What else?

I started reading the books almost right when they came out. I got my two cousins into them, and we've been in love ever since. So naturally, we went to the midnight showing together last night.

I tried super hard to not get my hopes up for this. I didn't watch a single preview because I was terrified of being disappointed. In hind sight, I should have watched them to prepare myself.

I'm so torn! On the one hand, I think it was an excellent movie. But if I had not read the book, I think I would have enjoyed it more. Heather and I looked at each other shaking our heads that that's not how the book went probably every 3 minutes. It bothered me a lot. I wish that I could separate the book and movie in my head and just appreciate how great it was, but I've read that book so many times, it just was impossible.

However, my friend pointed out to me that some of relationships weren't played out as much as they could have been. So, if you hadn't read the book, some of the dynamics of certain relationships would be harder to understand.

I felt like Katniss was emotionless for a good part of the movie. There were touching scenes, like when she volunteered, when Rue died, and in the cave. But on the train, in training, and pretty much anything between the reaping and the arena, I felt like she had no character. I didn't see the fighter in her that I picture Katniss to have.

Haymitch. Oh, Haymitch. His character was funny, but I expected a fatter, drunker, more sarcastic, not as lovable Haymitch. But that's just me. I realize that it probably would have taken far too long to develop that character, which would have taken away from time in the Games. So I guess I can deal with that.

I really liked Cinna and Effie, and how they showed the beginnings of the rebellion in District 11. I wasn't expecting that for some reason, and it was perfect. And of course, the actual games were the the highlight.

I loved Peeta, and actually Gale too. The little glimpses of Gale watching Katniss in the games tugged at my heart strings. When I read the books, I was pro Gale during the first one. Peeta seemed too perfect, and I hated that. I don't know why, but boys that are too lovey just bother me. It's why I hate Edward in Twilight. (That, and because Twilight makes me gag.) By the end of book 2, I loved them both. And by the end of book 3, I felt for Gale, but my love went to Peeta. Now I'm just rambling.

I'll probably have to go see at least one or two more times to really evaluate how I feel about it, but for now, my verdict is that I liked the movie, but all of my friends who saw it early and said it was "EXACTLY like the book!" are liars, and I will never trust them again.

The end.


  1. i liked twilight--the books. i never saw the movies. i LOVE hunger games. i read the first one just a few months after it came out--so i was on the front lines :) i have been wondering if i wanted to see the movie because i have a perfect picture in my head of what it should be (like you!) but i decided to try and see it. it'll be sometime next week when Jace can come with me...but i am so not getting my hopes up!

  2. I feel the same way as you do about the movie! I think it was a good movie and everything but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read the books.

    And I feel exactly the same way about Gale and Peeta as you do! Haha! Book 1 I was pro Gale (just like you said, Peeta was too perfect. Then I liked them both but in the last book I realized Peeta was the right one for Katniss :)

  3. I stalked your blog from your comment on Niina's blog (hello by the way!). I was going to write a review and my thoughts but I might not bother and just link to your oust, because you've pretty much summed up everything I thought - especially Haymitch. I was mildly attracted to movie Haymitch - but he was pretty unlikeable in Book 1!

    My only other thought was that in the book I interpreted Cinna as being gay - no real substance to that thought but thats the conclusion I came to. In the movie I thought he came across as almost coming on to her! Bit creepy. Didn't like so much - but he 'looked' just like I imagined Cinna! :)

    Enough ramblings. Thanks for a great review! x