Thursday, September 6, 2012

If you really knew me...

I've seen this little segment floating around the blogosphere, and I liked it. So, here you go.

If you really knew me ...'d know that I don't do scary movies or spicy food.'d know that I have a particular fondness for quotes and lyrics, and books/blogs that are full of them.'d know that I have a messy car, always.'d know that I drink a gallon of water every day.'d know how much I struggle to find balance in making other people happy, and doing what I need.'d know that I am quite passionate about the bands I love, and hold men to a high standard when it comes to their choice of music.'d know that one of my greatest dreams in life is to be able to hip hop dance.'d know that I have the attention span of a gnat, and the memory of a goldfish.'d know that I love Twitter, and re-read my own tweets occasionally, because I find myself funny.'d know that I have an extreme fear of chickens.'d know that I love the movie Hot Rod more than anybody else.'d know that I just want to be loved.'d know that sad lyrics are my favorite.'d know John Krasinski is my dream man.'d know that I never watch T.V. unless it's on DVD, and even then, it's rare.'d know that I love deep conversation.'d know that I already worry about my parents passing away.'d know that (as of right now), I want to be a nutritionist whenever I decide to grow up.
... you'd know that I could write these for hours.

If you decide to play a long, comment with a link! I'd love to read!


  1. I'd love to do this too, but there are not enough things about myself for a whole post, so I'll just write them here:

    ... you would know that I can do math.
    ... you would know that sometimes I pretend I'm Christina Hendricks when I'm feeling down.
    ... you would know that my favorite place is in a cold movie theater.
    ... you would know that I still haven't figured out how to blow dry my hair.
    ... you would know that if I could I would eat some form of cheese at every meal.
    ... you would know that I have done this before.

    That's it. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours.

  2. I love when I see bloggers do this post, it lets us get to know them so much better! :)

  3. I am so proud to say I knew every single one of these minus 1! I miss you Heidi!