Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Top ten reasons I absolutely can not contain my excitement when I think about October 2012:

1. I'm pretty sure that every woman in the the United States is with me on this one, but CARDIGANS, CARDIGANS, CARDIGANS. Oh, and sweaters. I recently purchased this one from Target, and every day that I see it in my closet, my heart aches for the day that it's cool enough to wear it. (My best friend told me he hates it. Thankfully, my love for this sweater trumps my desire to listen to his opinion.)

2. Pitch Perfect comes out. You may be thinking to yourself, "That's odd, I was certain Heidi is much too mature of a woman to count down the days to such a ridiculous movie." Well, you were wrong, and you probably don't know me very well. Plus, Jerah and I used this Groupon for $5 tickets to the Studio Movie Grill in Scottsdale. $5 for a movie AND a drink? I'll take it. Too bad I quit soda, and my life is so sad without it. (Also, the Groupon doesn't expire for three days. So buy it. You're welcome.)

3. Let's look past the ridiculously short hair, the fact that I have no neck, and how depressingly skinny I am, and focus on what's really important here. FRIED FOOD. STATE FAIR. Once a year I let myself eat the fattiest fried food in the world, at the most ghetto fair in the States. (That's not a fact, I'm just pretty sure it's true.) And I am so excited to bite into that deep fried cheesecake, that I could cry.

4. The State Fair brings us to number 4, which is seeing Karmin at the State Fair. I make it a point to try and see a concert every year at the State Fair. They're free with admittance to the fair, and kind of the greatest thing ever. This year, I've opted to go see Karmin (since Weezer is ruining my life and coming on a Sunday) with some friends, who share my love for rapping. I know. Now you're thinking, "Heidi raps??" I'm one in a million, guys.

5. Again, let me join millions of other women with this one, and just say OMG PUMPKIN. Pumpkin everything, everywhere! I want to eat pumpkin in a house, in a car, and with a mouse! Candy pumpkins, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin muffins. But really, candy pumpkins are like crack to me. I can't even walk past them in the store right now. But I WILL be buying a bag in October.

6. I absolutely can't wait to walk out of the gym, and not want to die from how hot it is outside combined with how hot I am from working out. If I had to sing a song about my favorite things, I would have to find a way to squeeze "walking out of the gym into cool weather" in there. Maybe it could rhyme with "my cousin, Heather." Point is, October is the light at the end of the Hot-As-Hell-Tunnel here in Arizona.

7. This one isn't set in stone, but my friend Gage and I are planning to buy tickets to see Imagine Dragons and AWOLNation down in Tucson. I'm sure you've heard this Imagine Dragons song. If not, just listen to it.

8. The Moo's second birthday is in October. OK, so maybe she throws things at me and runs away when I visit her. But she's still my niece, and I can't wait to buy her a gift. (and hopefully buy her love.) And yes, we call her the Moo.
 9. I don't LOVE Halloween, but I do love corn mazes, painting pumpkins, decorating, and I might actually dress up this year. You're only young and single once, right?? Oh wait.
10. Ok, this is the last because it is the absolute most important. Remember that time that I got stranded in Yuma on the way to see my favorite band, and never made it to their concert? Well, I found out that one of my other favorite bands, Taking Back Sunday, is coming on tour here. I thought I was excited, until I found out that the band I missed seeing in California (Motion City Soundtrack) is stopping in on Taking Back Sunday's tour in ONE CITY, and the city is PHOENIX. I'm not kidding you, tears came out of my face. Taking Back Sunday AND Motion City Soundtrack in one night? Guys. GUYS. I get emotional just thinking about it.

So, there you have it. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure October is going to be the best month of my year, by far. I also just realized every picture of me in this post is from 2010. Note to self: take more pictures.

Anybody else as excited for FALL as I am??


  1. Two summers ago, H&M was selling this Empire Strikes Back sweater and I bought it and I had to wait till October to actually wear it. Also, we should get a big group together for the state fair. I haven't been in years. (I'm kinda pissed about Weezer coming on Sunday.)

  2. I dress however I want all year round. If the J.Crew people can wear sweaters in the summer, then so can I!

  3. We definitely share a love of Karmin and AWOLnation.